The power of Apple

Apple products are seen all over the media. For example, films and TV shows often show someone using an iPhone, iPod or Macbook. The adverts for their new releases are frequently shown on many media platforms and as a result many people now own an Apple product.

Apple has competition from different companies for all their products. Microsoft are massive competitors along with Google with the Android platform. They often price their products higher than other alternatives on the market but consumers still want Apple.

This begs the question;

Why are they so powerful?

The power of their advertising entices people to purchase their iPhone 4S, Macbook Pro or new iPad. They are clever in making their products seem essential to everyday life, and to be honest, they have succeeded. All of their products are aesthetically pleasing and they are often the first to market new innovative products, for example the iPad. The iPad now sets the standard for tablets and it hasn’t been matched in sales.

They have produced a knock-on effect. People are buying into the Apple brand, and more people are joining in with every passing day, because many people like to have what everyone else has. Once people buy into Apple, they then have to buy the upgrades. The iPhone 5 comes out in a matter of months and I’m sure it will have huge success and will enhance their brand further.

Microsoft were once a monopoly of the computing world but now it’s clearly a duopoly with Apple. Nokia were leaders of the mobile phone age, but now it’s shared between Apple and Android and I’m sure that Apple will at some point supersede Android and become the No.1 mobile brand. The fundamental difference between Apple and Android is that Apple produce a phone as well as a platform. Android is merely a platform which other brands such as HTC or Samsung use.

Apple want to provide the best experience for their customers, and instead of just saying it, they do it. Apple have become apart of everyday life for many people, just like other powerful brands such as Facebook.

Steve Jobs created the Apple brand and has left it in a strong position, which is only likely to gain further strength in the future. Credit must be given to a true genius.